May 01, 2012 06:15 PM

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and boyfriend Justin Mikita have all the trappings of modern love: they travel together, share a home and have a dog. Is a real baby next?

“They say a dog is a starter baby,” Ferguson told PEOPLE at the New Yorker party on the rooftop of Washington, D.C.’s W Hotel. “We obviously both want kids, but we’re happy with the three of us for a while.”

Besides, the puppy – a Morkie named Leaf, who turns 1 in July – is proving to be quite enough to handle.

“He’s at puppy bootcamp,” Ferguson said. “He’s being trained a little bit while we’re away. He has a major issue with barking.”

The couple, who live in California, aren’t concerned about their neighbors having to deal with noisey little Leaf. “It bothers us,” Mikita explained. “All you have to do it touch him or pay attention to him, and he goes, ‘Arf!’”

“He’s a very yappy dog,” Ferguson confirmed, and he wasn’t too concerned about the boot camp’s methods, either. “I think they’re using a stun gun,” he said, totally deadpan.

Good luck at boot camp, Leaf!

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