Jesse Eisenberg's (Fantasy) Premiere Date: 42 Cats

The Rio star jokes about having dozens of four-legged pals at a red carpet event

Being a movie star must have its perks – for Jesse Eisenberg’s cats.

“[I have] 42 cats,” he told at the premiere for his newest movie, the animated film Rio. “They’re at the premiere. We got them seats.”

While he might have been joking about having dozens of four-legged dates, the actor has admitted to having plenty of cats to go home to.

“I’m a foster parent for cats and the more movies I do, the more guilty I feel – and the more cats I feel the need to get to alleviate the guilt from doing the movies,” Eisenberg told Conan O’Brien last fall. “And then if a movie is, god forbid, popular … then I have to get even more cats.”

So, how many cats does Eisenberg have now?

When pressed, Eisenberg said he didn’t know. “Seriously, it depends on the day,” he said.

Not only does Eisenberg provide food and shelter for numerous cats, he acts as a gatekeeper for their reputations as well. “They don’t like to be talked about in the press,” he said, ending the interview. “They get embarrassed.”

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