Watch the dog trainer help the comedian’s dachshund named Foxy get over some serious insecurities in this exclusive clip

By Amy Jamieson
February 19, 2016 03:23 PM

When Jerry Seinfeld isn’t getting coffee with comedians in fancy cars, he’s at home tormenting his little canine named Foxy — not on purpose!

You see, Seinfeld’s pup is afraid of him — and all men — and is in need of some serious help from dog trainer Cesar Millan.

PEOPLE got an exclusive look at the comedian and his wife Jessica’s training session with the dog whisperer extraordinaire from Friday’s season three premiere of Cesar 911, and, as you’d suspect, Seinfeld had us giggling.

“I’m beloved by millions,” Seinfeld jokes, “except for one dog.”

In a FaceTime call with Millan before their meeting, Seinfeld breaks down the situation.

“We’re having a little problem,” he says. “The problem is one of the dogs intensely dislikes me, she’ll let me near her if she’s with someone she feels safe with. But she also doesn’t like any other adult males either.”

“So, she won’t like me either,” says Millan.

“Well, I don’t know that you’re that much of an adult,” Seinfeld jokes.

Watch Millan work his magic in the comedian’s home in the exclusive clip above and catch the season premiere of Cesar 911 on Feb. 19 at 9/8 CT on Nat Geo WILD.