Jeremy Wade: I'll Go Anywhere for 'River Monsters'

The explorer discusses the scariest creature he's faced and what he's up against this season

River Monsters star Jeremy Wade has traveled the globe in search of the world’s most fearsome underwater creatures, but there’s one place he’s only recently dared to go.

“I’m slowly dipping my toe in further and further,” he says of the United States, which is a featured location on the latest season of the Animal Planet show, airing Sundays at 10 p.m.

Despite not being overly familiar with the country, Wade says that’s never held him back on his adventures.

“If I feel nervous or uneasy about a place, wherever it is in the world, the thing with me is curiosity,” he says. “Maybe fear pulls me in one direction, but generally speaking, curiosity will win out, and I’ll go wherever it is and see what’s there.”

The explorer traveled from Mongolia to the Far East of Russia for his latest exploits but says he encountered his most terrifying opponent closer to home: in the Amazon.

“This is a fish that’s got invisible powers,” he says of the electric eel. “It’s pretty scary.”

To see more about Wade’s run-in an with an eel, check out the video above.

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