The actor adopted the dog last year because he was “really lonely”

By Amy Jamieson
March 15, 2012 12:05 AM

Jeremy Renner is mourning a friend gone too soon.

The actor’s 8-month-old miniature French bulldog, Franklin, died Saturday at a Little League baseball game, TMZ reports.

Renner’s friend and business partner Kristoffer Winters was dog-sitting and took the puppy to his nephew’s game. The cream-colored dog was running around in hot temperatures and later began to vomit and convulse.

According to TMZ, Winters returned from getting a snack to find the dog dead in a stranger’s arms. Three people had tried to resuscitate Franklin, but to no avail.

Renner, whose rep declined to comment, adopted the Frenchie last year. “Right now the only thing consistent in my life is that little dog. That’s why I got it,” he told Details magazine in December. “I was getting really lonely. I needed somebody or something to be there with me through the whole journey.”

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