“If Pippi barks once, that’s usually a good sign”

By Kelli Bender
Updated February 24, 2016 05:41 PM

Hollywood is going to the dogs: talented, perceptive dogs.

One of the members of this new canine elite is Jennifer Lawrence‘s dog Pippi. The tiny pooch has some big opinions on her famous owner’s wardrobe.

According to Joy‘s costume designer Michael Wilkinson, Pippi played an important role in deciding the final outfits used in the David O. Russell film.

“Pippi is the final say. It’s like ‘Pippi, what do you think?’” Wilkinson told PEOPLE at the 18th Costume Designer Guild Awards about how Lawrence uses her pup to help pick costumes. “And if Pippi barks once, that’s usually a good sign.”

Raymond Hall/GC Images

Looks likes the “amazing” Pippi made some good final calls. Lawrence, 25, is up for her third Academy Award on Sunday thanks to her role in Joy. But it isn’t only Pippi calling the shots with Wilkinson.

“Jennifer is a dream because she is fearless and intuitive and fun to work with,” the costume designer added about his collaborations with the actress.