Garner wants to remind her followers to "treat your neighborhood bees with love and respect."

By Kelli Bender
June 03, 2019 03:16 PM

Jennifer Garner is sprinkling more sunshine and good intentions into her Instagram feed.

PEOPLE’s 2019 Beautiful Issue cover star has posted cooking tutorials and doggy reading sessions in the past, and now she is sharing bee-saving tips.

In a recent Instagram video, the actress, 47, wears a full beekeeper’s outfit and tells her 6.2 million followers how bees help us every day.

“Most of what we eat has been pollinated, if it’s been grown, or, if it’s an animal, it eat’s what is pollinated,” Garner explains in the video while holding up a section of beehive.

If the star seems calm during her up-close bee encounter, it’s because she befriended all the bees in video.

Footage from the same Instagram post shows Garner telling a swarm of bees, “You’re my friend.”

It’s all in an effort to remind her fans to “treat your neighborhood bees with love and respect.”

“Keep our planet pollinated,” Garner adds at the end of the clip as her new friends buzz around her head.