The Marley & Me star talks puppy love on Good Morning America.

By People Staff
December 19, 2008 01:00 PM


In her new film Marley & Me, Jennifer Aniston plays a wife, a mother – and the owner of a mischievous yellow Lab. Off-screen, Aniston is actually mom to two furry friends: pups Norman, a corgi-terrier mix, and Dolly, a white shepherd mix.

Speaking with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America yesterday, the actress said her dogs – who live in California – are “spoiled” by her neighbors. “They get treats, ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ gifts and ‘come play with me’ invitations. It’s the sweetest thing!”

Roberts was happy to spoil the pooches further – she presented Aniston with a down vest for each pup!

Chatting about the movie, Aniston said, “I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun on a film as I had on this one. Everything: The script, the director David Frankel, Owen Wilson, Miami, the dogs. What’s not to love?”

Of meeting Clyde, one of the Labs that portrayed Marley, Aniston said it was quite the adventure. “Clyde set the tone,” she said. “He just walked in, immediately jumped on top of me, and then got onto the couch. He just started chewing the couch, and was rewarded for that! And then, he ate my sweater. The set was a chew toy.” Though he may have been rowdy, he was nothing but friendly, according to the actress. “I’ve never seen a happier dog,” she said. “Tail constantly wagging. Tongue out. It was adorable.

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Marley & Me opens nationwide on December 25th.