Jenna Dewan Tatum admits that her dog Lulu is just like husband Channing Tatum

By Gabrielle Olya
April 24, 2017 12:47 PM

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Talk about being a pampered pet!

Jenna Dewan Tatum says her 9-year-old miniature Japanese spitz, Meeka, gets facials as often as she does.

“Meeka goes to the spa and gets a blueberry facial — that is not something I’m making up!” the World of Dance host, 36, tells PEOPLE exclusively for the 2017 World’s Most Beautiful issue. “She gets kind of poofy, and then we have to go get her groomed, so [she gets a facial] once every six weeks, kind of like me — I get my facials once every six weeks!”

Dewan Tatum admits Meeka and Lulu, a 7-year-old pit bull Catahoula mix, are “the most spoiled dogs.”

“They have every treat, every bone,” she says. “We’re always like, they won the lottery, especially Lulu. He came from the pound in Alabama to living with us.”

Jenna Dewan Tatum with Meeka (left) and Lulu
Eric Ray Davidson

While Meeka is “uncomplicated” and “happy on the couch all day long,” Lulu has a more complex personality — and seems to take after her dad Channing Tatum.

“Lulu is like a fur Chan,” says Dewan Tatum. “They are the same person. She’s wild, she loves adventure, she’s always like, ‘Where are we going? What are we doing?’ She’s a big baby, but she’s kind of vicious and also just ready to go all the time.”

And because they’re both Tatums, of course the dogs can do dancing tricks.

“Meeka can do a pirouette,” says the actress. “And then [Lulu] will do, we call it ‘Dirty Dancing’ — she jumps up, and we can do the Baby dance scene.”

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Dewan Tatum credits Meeka with teaching her responsibility before becoming a mom to daughter Everly, now 3.

“Meeka came in with the sole purpose of teaching me how to care for something before I had my daughter,” she says. “I really couldn’t keep a plant alive before Meeka came in! Then when I got Meeka, I became obsessed. You learn how to be with responsibility. Everyone says it, but it’s totally true — it completely primed me for being ready for caring for something 24/7.”