Jen Atkin's Efforts to Help Pets After Dog's Death Raise Over $80,000 for Los Angeles Rescue

Jen Atkin's ask for donations in honor of her late dog Chewy has led to over $80,000 in donations to Wags and Walks — the Los Angeles-based rescue that adopted Chewy out to Atkin

Jen Atkin has found a silver lining to her dog's tragic death.

On Wednesday, the celebrity hairstylist shared on Instagram that her rescue dog Chewy died after being attacked by a coyote.

"Yesterday morning we lost our precious love Chewy to a coyote," Atkin captioned her Instagram announcement about the pet's death, which featured photos of Chewy along with security footage of the shocking coyote attack. "My baby is gone. Our hearts are forever broken."

"It's difficult to write this and we debated on sharing the video (the last slide) but we need other families to watch it," she added. "We didn't have any warnings. We had never seen coyotes in our new neighborhood or found their droppings anywhere. It was broad daylight."

Along with sharing details about the horrific incident that took her canine's life to protect other pets, Atkin also used her Instagram post to help shelter animals.

"All we ask is in the time it would take you to send condolences or flowers, please please go to our link in my bio and donate $1, $5 anything to @wagsandwalks in our Chew Chew's name," Atkin wrote at the end of her Instagram post. "It's all we can do — take our pain and broken hearts and try to save other shelter animals. Foster if you can. Help families who can't afford emergency surgeries at your local animal hospitals."

Jen Atkin
Jen Atkin/instagram

This call for donations led to an outpouring of support for Wags and Walks — the Los Angeles-based rescue that adopted out Chewy to Atkin. According to Wags and Walks, the rescue has received over $80,000 in donations made in Chewy's honor since Atkin's posted on Instagram.

The donations are going into Wags and Walks' newly created Chewy Fund. The fund will be used to help save hundreds of canines from high-kill shelters and give these dogs the life-saving medical care and affection they need to live long, happy lives in forever homes.

On Monday, Atkin responded to the overwhelming number of donations in a heartfelt Instagram post.

"The numbers keep climbing. We are so humbled to feel the outpouring of love from not only our immediate family and friends (who held Chewy so dear — we literally have a group chat called Puppy Parent Support Group) but we also received thousands of DMs + texts, from every person we've ever met, strangers who loved watching Chewy, and people with similar stories of loss," she wrote.

"Chewy had a purpose. I see it now. My baby didn't die in vain. She barked the loudest, ran the fastest, and has in her passing raised close to 80k (!!) to help the medical needs of other fur babies. She did that," Atkin added later in her post.

For Giving Tuesday (Nov. 30), Wags and Walks hopes to add $50,000 to the Chewy Fund, which would help dozens of additional dogs.

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