The actor and his wife chronicle their dog’s coming-of-age ceremony on Instagram

By Sheila Cosgrove Baylis
Updated December 01, 2020 09:04 PM

Mazel dog!

Jason Biggs and wife Jenny Mollen celebrated a “barkmitzvah” for their poodle, Teets, who turned 13 on Thursday.

Biggs and Mollen will soon be parents to a human son, but for now Teets seems to be filling the role.

“Guess who is 13 today!!!!??? #teets #mazeltov #Barkmitzvah,” wrote Mollen to caption an Instagram shot of her and her pooch wearing matching blue outfits, the pup’s decorated with the Star of David.

Mollen, 34, posted several photos of a not-so-thrilled-looking Teets going through the traditional Jewish coming-of-age ceremony in Los Angeles.

Teets does perk up in a snapshot in front of the temple (perhaps since he’s outside?) and appears active at the after-party, which was complete with challah for the dogs.

Mollen concluded her Instagram party with a bang: Teets photoshopped into a few tourist destinations around the U.S., with the caption, “Theme: ‘Around the World with Teets.’ ”

While it was all about Teets on Thursday, his birthday wasn’t the only thing on the couple’s mind – as Biggs pointed out to his wife on Saturday, “We could be having a kid literally today.”

That prompted a hilarious repartee of what to name their son. Biggs suggested Cy or Sebastian, both of which Mollen shot down. Then she mused, “What’s he gonna look like? Me?”

“Or me?” Biggs answered, to which she responded, “But we’re hoping me, right?”