Jane Fonda's Dog Takes a Bow on Broadway

The actress' dog Tulea made her way onstage during a curtain call for Fonda's new play "33 Variations."

She has returned to the Broadway stage after 46 years, and recently her dog, Tulea, decided to take a bow along with her. According to The Associated Press, Fonda’s 8-pound fluffy dog Bischon-like pup somehow wiggled away from her handler during a curtain call for her new play “33 Variations.”

“I saw, through my legs, this white thing and I thought, ‘That’s not what I think it is!’ And then I heard the click-click-click of her little nails on the stage,” she told the AP. “She knows what the applause means. She knows that means that it’s over and that we’re going to be reunited. She came looking for me.”

The Academy Award winner often twitters and blogs about her pooch. Earlier this month during a hefty New York snowfall, Fonda wrote, “It snowed today so I had to carry Tulea everywhere. God forbid she should get her freshly groomed paws frost bit!”

Check out cute photos of Tulea on Jane Fonda’s blog!

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