Jambi the orangutan has three potential girlfriends waiting for him in the United States

By Kelli Bender
September 12, 2018 02:53 PM
Last orangutan at Hanover zoo to move to the US
Credit: Peter Steffen/picture-alliance/dpa/AP

Jambi the orangutan is making a big move.

The Hannover Zoo primate is soon leaving the German facility to try out a new life in New Orleans.

According to the Audubon Zoo, Jambi’s new home, the orangutan said farewell to his friends in Germany with a goodbye party that included a cake made of rice and grapes.

His new digs are ready to go. Jambi’s New Orleans residence comes complete with towering palms, climbing equipment, hammocks, a view of the Mississippi River and three potential girlfriends.

Those female orangutans, named Reese, Feliz and Menari, are part of the reason Jambi is moving. The Audubon Zoo hopes the new guy in town will form a bond with one of the ladies, which might lead to even more orangutans.

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“Jambi joining the Sumatran orangutan population within Audubon Zoo will add to the genetic diversity of the species, and our hope is that as one of the highest genetically ranking males in North America, he will contribute to the Sumatran population to save this critically endangered species in the near future,” Courtney Eparvier, Audubon’s Curator of Primates and Sea Lions, said in a statement.

Along with making the 5,000 mile trip, 22-year-old Jambi has been working on his new language. Keepers at Hannover Zoo have been giving the orangutan commands in English, so the animal is more prepared for his time abroad, reports

Officials are hopeful that the transition won’t be too difficult for Jambi, especially since two of his former Hannover flatmates, Zora and Kajan, moved to a zoo in Texas last year and have adjusted well to their stateside home.