October 12, 2015 06:33 PM

Salman, a 12-year-old jaguar on loan to India’s Delhi Zoo, is being returned to the Kerala zoo from whence he came on charges that he’s not fulfilling his promised duties.

Salman, you see, was borrowed from a Kerala zoo to mate with the Delhi Zoo’s female jaguar, Kalpana. But he apparently has different ideas about how he should be spending his time: eating and sleeping.

Salman’s keepers say he approaches his meals “more keenly than for Kalpana.”

“He is lazy, a glutton, just loves to eat and relax,” Riaz Khan told The Indian Express, according to the BBC. “The female is seen trying to entice him but he lies in a corner and refuses to respond,” he continued.

Salman, like the zoo’s other jaguars, gets fed about 13 pounds of buffalo meat six days a week. Efforts this summer to curb his weight with a diet were apparently unsuccessful. He was introduced into a larger enclosure, which also didn’t take, apparently.

But Salman still has his defenders at the zoo, who point that he’s hardly the only big cat with a lethargic approach to love. The zoo’s other two male jaguars have also failed to put any buns in Kalpana’s oven. We’re pretty anti-shaming here at PEOPLE Pets, but.. maybe it’s her?

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