Jada Pinkett Smith received the tiny pooch for her 49th birthday

By Georgia Slater
September 20, 2020 05:30 PM

The Smith family just got a little bit bigger.

On Saturday, Jada Pinkett Smith revealed on Instagram that she received an extra special birthday present this year — a puppy!

The actress — who celebrated her 49th birthday on Friday — shared an adorable video on social media, giving a peek at her tiny new pooch, Bandit.

In the clip, Pinkett Smith is seen leaning in front of Bandit, a black and white French bulldog, who is resting inside a dog carrier.

"My little baby Bandit and my little baby Willow," the actress teased, as daughter Willow Smith made a cameo in the clip.

"But Bandit's my new one," she said. "He just went on a path walk and he’s really tired. I got him for my birthday, he's such a cutie pie."

In the caption of the clip, Pinkett Smith joked, "Meet one of the new hosts of @redtabletalk 😆," referring to her family-hosted Facebook Watch show.

"Thank you to my brother and my friend for nearly 3 decades (😬) @cesarsway for my birthday gift," she wrote, tagging famous dog trainer Cesar Millan.

"Banditi aka Bandito 🐶💛," she introduced the furry addition.

Credit: Jada Smith/Instagram
Credit: Jada Smith/Instagram

Pinkett Smith also shared two too-cute clips of Bandit on her Instagram Story.

"This puppy is the most chill pup eva!😆" she captioned a video of Bandit sleeping in his bed.

"Just got finished running Bandit all around the world," the mom of two shared.

She also posted a video of Bandit tugging on a purple shirt and dragging it across the kitchen floor. "Did you win Bandit? Did you win?" Pinkett Smith asked as Bandit trotted to his bed with the shirt in his mouth.

"His side-eye, it’s all that side-eye," she laughed as the puppy proudly showed off the shirt he captured.

"When Sunday morning games turn into Sunday morning side-eye😆🐶❤️," she captioned the clip.

The Girls Trip star also celebrated her birthday with a special Milk Bar cake and lots of love from family and friends. "Thank you to everyone who thought of me on my birthday!" she wrote on Instagram Saturday, alongside a picture of her birthday cake.

Pinkett Smith continued, "Thank you for the messages, flowers, gifts, deserts[sic] and most of all ... all the love. It was a very special day 🤗♥️🤗"