The Dancing with the Stars champ – and dad-to-be – has to prep a furry family member for the new arrival

By People Staff
February 11, 2012 03:35 PM

While J.R. Martinez, who is expecting a daughter in May, gets himself ready for fatherhood, he’s also prepping his other baby, dog Romeo, for the arrival.

“I think Romeo’s going to have a hard time at first – there’s not going to be so much playing catch 24/7,” the Dancing with the Stars champ, 28, tells PEOPLE of his beloved black Lab. “But at the end of the day, he’s a loving pup, so I think he’s going to be able to adapt to her one day pulling on his tail, pulling on his ears, trying to ride him, whatever it may be.”

Romeo’s entry into the Martinez home began at an auction over a year ago. Martinez, who was helping auction the items, fell for Romeo but couldn’t resolve his internal debate.

“Someone found out about this, they purchased him, then turned around and gave him to me,” Martinez says. “I have to tell you, that’s my boy. I love Romeo. He’s the best.”

“Sometimes, my girlfriend Diana [Gonzalez-Jones] and I will say, ‘He’s human. He’s totally human,’ ” Martinez adds. “He’s so good, such an amazing dog. When you look at his face, Romeo is the perfect name for him.”

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