Adorable 9-Year-Old Documents Every Canine Encounter with Twitter Account 'I've Pet That Dog'

Gideon's Twitter account already has over 42,000 followers because everyone loves dogs

There’s already a Twitter account that rates adorable dogs from across the web, but Gideon’s Twitter is a little more hands-on.

The 9-year-old from Cedar Falls, Iowa, recently started the Twitter account @IvePetThatDog as a supplement to his website of the same name. On both, Gideon shares photos of himself with precious pups he has encountered in everyday life and a sweet description of the canine’s personality and background.

“I pet Fenway. She is a golden retriever. She is only 10 months old and was adopted from a family in Erie, IL. She is named Fenway because her caregiver is a big Boston Red Sox fan,” reads on recent Twitter post. “Fenway is a happy dog who is always smiling.”

The account already has over 42,000 followers.

“I think people like dogs,” Gideon tells PEOPLE on why he thinks the account has attracted so many.

I've Pet That Dog

The fourth grader is certainly a fan of fido. He is the proud owner of a 12-year-old pooch named Walter and is working to become and animal rescuer when he grows up.

Along with adoring dogs, he is also a big fan of “cats, gerbils, and hippos!”

I've Pet That Dog

While Gideon appreciates all his canine connections, he says he favorite might be a super-hyper puppy named Jax.

With so many pups in the world in need of pats, Gideon doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

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I've Pet That Dog

“I will try to pet a dog every day,” the boy says of his summer plans.

For those looking to follow Gideon’s lead, and want to pet more dogs, he advises looking in your neighborhood for furry friends to meet because “there are dogs everywhere.”

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