Pet talk gets heated as users square off

By People Staff
Updated March 18, 2011 12:35 PM

Din-Din the dog would like to raise a few points about the vacuum.

“Aside from being visually offensive, it’s loud, obnoxious and generally terrifies me,” she said in a video posted on “I don’t understand why we can’t just go back to sweeping.”

In response, the vacuum replied with a few retorts of his own. “It’s easy to take potshots at me, but I clean up your mess, and there’s a lot of it,” the cleaning machine said. “You might want to add some fish oil into your diet.”

Squabbler was recently launched by the folks behind Awkward Family Photos and Awkward Family Pet Photos. Intended as a place for people to settle everyday disagreements (users vote on the argument they find the most successful), the video debate site has since become home to a few disagreements between pets. Or, in this case, pets and vacuums. If pet owners feel like they have to get in the mix and start squabbling, there’s room for that as well.

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