It's #BlackCatAppreciationDay! Meet 10 Kitties Who Need a Home Right Meow

These stunning felines will make your house a home

Photo: Arizona Humane Society

Here’s a sad, sad truth about black cats: They’re often overlooked at animal shelters because of their color.

The Arizona Humane Society tells PEOPLE each of their 11 longtime cat residents, who have been there over a month, are black — and that’s a reality in other shelters across the country, too.

Myths about the felines being bad luck, mean or even scary haven’t been easy for the felines to shed, and that’s why #BlackCatAppreciationDay was created, to show the world just how awesome these kitties really are.

To celebrate the holiday, we’re spotlighting 10 stunning black felines who need a place to call home. Already have a paw-some black cat who loves you eternally? Post and share, to show that you care.

Found in a dumpster and nursed back to health, 9-week-old Midnight (pictured above), available at the Arizona Humane Society, is all kitten, spending most of her time playing and batting around things that sparkle or shimmer.

Surrendered to the SPCA of Texas in June because her owner’s health was declining, this loving, social girl just wants someone to cuddle her and pet her (especially on her belly, it’s her favorite)!

SPCA of Texas

The 2-year-old male, who likes cats and dogs, resides at Iowa’s Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter. He’s very playful and loves bell toys — anything that makes noise — and he likes to “hunt” them!

Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter

Looking for a snuggle? Look no further than Sid, who is available at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society. “I am a loving girl that knows how to purr!” says her bio.

Western PA Humane Society

At 13-years-young, this beauty is mostly a fan of being beautiful on the couch but does have a playful side and truly adores being entertained with fuzzy mice and catnip, according to the Animal Rescue League of Boston, where she is available for adoption.

Available for adoption at the SPCA of Westchester in Briarcliff Manor, New York, this 3-year-old kitty, who has a splash of white on his chest, is truly out of this world — and comes equipped with his own tuxedo for dinner parties.

These cuties (pictured below) received gold medals at the Sacramento SPCA for “synchronized sleeping,” and as you can see, they tied with Elijiah and Elliot (above). Luckily, they’re all good sports.

This 2-year-old baby, up for adoption at New Hampshire’s Manchester Animal Shelter, has the softest fur and friendliest disposition. Cats and laid back dogs are totally okay in her book.

This adorable kitten came to the Idaho Humane Society as a stray, but clearly she’s had good experiences with people. With long, luscious black fur — currently cut like a lioness — she’d make a great cuddle buddy!

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