The 4-year-old pet rodent had been buried after going “cold and lifeless” in its cage

April 13, 2012 06:15 PM

After digging its way out of its backyard grave in England, a pet hamster named Rhino will now be known as Jesus.

According to the U.K.’s Sun, the hamster’s owner, David Eyley, found the rodent “cold and lifeless” in its cage and took the necessary measures to lay his pet to rest.

Eyley dug a hole two feet deep and buried a plastic tub holding the hamster’s body. “He had rigor mortis when I buried him,” says Eyley, who was shocked when a neighbor called to say the hamster had escaped and that she had caught Rhino.

Eyley went to Rhino’s burial site to check, and found that the hamster had indeed dug its way out – leaving a 2-in. hole in the plastic tub.

Now, the miracle hamster (who likely hadn’t died but had gone into hibernation) is enjoying his place back in the Eyley family home. “We’re stunned,” Eyley says, “but happy to have him back.”

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