Banana has his own style

Credit: Source: Lollipop Kennels/Facebook

Sometimes photographers tell you to act natural. It turns out Banana the dog’s natural state is “crab.”

Lollipop Kennels recently posted a picture of the pup, who is now looking for a home, but he doesn’t look all puppy.

In the shot, 5-month-old Banana strikes a pose that one might be inclined to call “Confused Crab.”

While Banana isn’t always scuttling around on his back paws, the picture is an accurate depiction of his adorable personality.

“He’s a goofy guy. He runs around grabbing toys and stealing anything he can,” Lollipop Kennels tells PEOPLE in an email. “He’s always jumping around and doesn’t sit still long enough to get a ‘normal’ picture of him. He’s met kids and is awesome with them, he’s really just a playful, goofy puppy.”

The good news is that Banana is still available for adoption, so there is a chance this silly dog could clamor into your home and heart. If you are interested in learning more about this joker, contact Lollipop Kennels in Lubbock, Texas, at 806-746-6875.