Cincinnatti Zoo & Botanical Garden
December 26, 2017 04:07 PM

From “aarvark” to “zoo-dorable,” the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens really knows how to work the ABCs of cuteness. The wildlife institution did it with Fiona the Hippo, and now this new bouncing baby boy is reaping the benefits of Internet adoration too. Behold!

“Peace on Earth! Ali the aardvark and her 4-day-old baby boy will spend the holidays cuddling and bonding behind the scenes,” the zoo posted on Dec. 25. “The newborn is doing well and weighs a little over three pounds, which is in the normal range for this species. We’ll keep you posted with photos and videos of the newest addition to the Zoo family.” reports that Aardvarks like Ali and her new baby weigh between 88 to 143 lbs. and live for about 10 years. These two sweet representatives of the species live in the zoo’s Night Hunters exhibit.

“It doesn’t get much cuter than a 5 day old baby aardvark taking a nap. Ali and her new baby boy are cuddling and bonding behind the scenes at this time,” writes the zoo in its latest Facebook video post.

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As of this publication, the video of the snuggly pink baby has received nearly 60K views in less than a hour. That’s high demand for a little baby aardvark! We wish Mama Ali and her newborn boy lots of rest, recuperation and social media followers in 2018.

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