January 29, 2009 05:00 PM

Duke the cat virtuously puts up with more roughhousing from Charlie the Chihuahua puppy than even most dogs would. In Poohie’s hit YouTube video we see Charlie nibbling on Duke’s ears and even jumping on his back.

We caught up with Poohie in California to ask about these animals’ peculiar relationship. Turns out the video, which has been watched 73,000 times, was made three years ago.

Check back later this week for another very patient cat!

Has the puppy grown up and stopped nibbling on the cat?
We adopted Duke out before Charlie grew out of his puppy-hood. (We had to move and the place only allowed one pet. We had 3 (2 cats, 1 dog) at the time. We chose the dog.) I’m sure they would have been great pals whenever Charlie’s not in his bully streak.

Tell us about their personalities.
Charlie (the dog) is very playful and has an alpha personality. Duke (the cat) was very sweet and tolerated Charlie’s challenges. He also liked to play chase with Charlie.

The cat does seem amazingly patient. Does the cat ever get tired of the dog?
Yes. He used to run up on top of the kitty towers to get away from Charlie whenever he was too rough. A lot of times though, Duke took the abuse, and I would have to intervene and get Charlie to leave him alone.
Sometimes I thought he liked the attention… in a sadomasochistic way… because he would just lay there on his back and meow pathetically until I came to pull Charlie off from nibbling his face.

What other things does the patient cat allow the dog to do?
Charlie used to lick Duke’s ears all the time. I’m sure he not only tolerated it, but loved it.

Anything else you’d like to add?
We miss Duke very much.

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