Stella the pug works with the Irwins at the Australia Zoo and loves to spend time watching the koalas nap - one of her favorites activities as well


The Irwins are known for the amazing work they do for and with wild animals, but they also share their love with domestic pets.

Enter Stella! This sweet, adventurous pug is the Irwin family’s fur baby. Just like her human companions, Stella adores animals and helping others learn about all the amazing creatures roaming our beautiful world.

When she is not hanging at home with her trio of chicken pals, posting to her Instagram or vacationing with her family, you can usually find her working at the Australia Zoo.

The award-winning zoo, which sits on 100 acres of land, is massive, so finding little Stella among all the animals can be hard.

But Robert Irwin, son of the late Steve Irwin and an animal expert himself, told PEOPLE where you can usually find the family dog at the zoo and shared several other interesting facts about this domestic dog who lives with one of the most wild families in the world.

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Credit: Stella The Pug Instagram/Courtesy Australia Zoo

How did Stella come into your life?

When we got Stella, though she was the smallest in her litter, we could immediately see that she had the biggest heart and had such a wonderful personality. When she first explored the zoo, it took her a while to get used to all of the new sights and smells. We also have three pet chickens that she was actually quite scared of. Now, she loves hanging out with our chickens and has certainly become part of our family!

Credit: Stella The Pug Instagram/Courtesy Australia Zoo

What animals has she met? Which is her favorite?

Stella loves visiting all of our amazing animals at Australia Zoo, and has met all kinds of creatures from cockatoos to woma pythons. She especially loves the koalas and anytime we walk past their enclosures she loves watching them resting and eating in the trees. The koalas are also very curious of her as well. In fact, Stella is quite similar to a koala, her favourite things are eating and napping!

Credit: Stella The Pug Instagram/Courtesy Australia Zoo

What work does she do with the Australia Zoo and the Irwin Family?

Stella does so much at Australia Zoo and participates in a lot of our special events at the zoo and has made a few media appearances with us. She loves meeting all of her fans too. She is also an honorary Queensland Police dog, and was given a police uniform which she wears with pride when she patrols the zoo. She thinks she is a great security dog!

Credit: Stella The Pug Instagram/Courtesy Australia Zoo

What is her personality like?

Stella has such a happy, sweet personality and loves every human and animal she meets. Every morning, when she wakes up, she is so incredibly excited to see you and can’t wait to get out and play in the zoo. She is always happy and just loves life.

Credit: Stella The Pug Instagram/Courtesy Australia Zoo

What is your favorite thing about her?

There are so many things that we love about Stella. My favorite thing is that she always makes everyone smile. You can’t help but laugh with some of the antics that she gets up to. She never has a bad day and is always happy.

Credit: Stella The Pug Instagram/Courtesy Australia Zoo

What are her plans for the future?

Stella has big plans in the future! She is planning on releasing a calendar in 2019 and maybe a whole retail range. So stay tuned!

Credit: Stella The Pug Instagram/Courtesy Australia Zoo

How did she get her name?

My family and I are fans of the show Modern Family, and we always loved the name of the French bulldog featured in the show, Stella. When we got our Stella, we decided it was the perfect name for her.

Credit: Stella The Pug Instagram/Courtesy Australia Zoo

What are her favorite activities?

Stella has many activities that she enjoys. Eating would probably be top of the list for her, but she also loves paddle boarding, quad bike riding, playing on the beach and in the ocean, running around Australia Zoo and of course napping.

Where is the craziest place she has been?

Stella has visited so many amazing places, her favorite would of course be at home at Australia Zoo. She has also visited a couple of our conservation properties where we have huge areas of pristine natural spaces. She recently visited our conservation property on the Great Dividing Range in southern Queensland. It is located in a beautiful, mountainous landscape and is home to some of the best wildlife. She had a wonderful time exploring the great outdoors.