February 22, 2016 03:31 PM

After days on the street, months of searching Europe, 2,000 miles in a plane and the assistance of thousands, Kunkush the cat is back in the loving laps of his family.

This pet’s real-life Homeward Bound story starts in Iraq. Kunkush’s family, a mother and her five children, fled the war-torn country to find a stable, safer life in Europe. Together, the family travelled all the way through Turkey, where they boarded a tiny, rubber dingy for a tumultuous ride to Greece. According to Metro, it was at this point in the journey that the white cat lost his family. 

After landing on the Greek island of Lesbos in November, Kunkush jumped out of a basket and ran off in fright. His family spent hours searching for him on the island, but were eventually forced to leave without him and continue their trek through Europe to a new home. 

Three days after the family departed, Kunkush was spotted at one of the island’s fishing villages, gray, matted and being bullied by street cats. Locals recognized the stunning feline as the cat the refugee family was searching for and contacted rescue volunteers. Rescuers scooped up Kunkush, calling him the Greek word for Zeus, Dias, and took him to the vet. Once the newly anointed Dias was groomed, checked and microchipped, he was sent to Germany to live with a foster family, while volunteers dedicated themselves to finding the cat’s true owners. 

To help in their hunt, the volunteers started the Reunite Dias Facebook page and a GoFundMe page for the cat’s eventual travel expenses. Word of Dias’ struggle spread, and soon his page amassed thousands of likes. Through this extensive network, volunteers were able to find Dias/Kunkush’s family, newly settled in Norway, on Valentine’s Day. 

A video chat between Kunkush and his family was arranged, and the excited animal lovers were able to confirm that is was indeed their missing furry friend. 

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Not wanting to make Kunkush or the family wait a second longer, a plane ticket was purchased for the kitty from the funds raised on his GoFundMe page. After a 2,000-mile flight, he is home once again. 

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