May 06, 2016 07:54 PM

StegoTape could be the key to the crimes against Cecilia.

When an animal control officer responded to an after hours emergency call on Wednesday night at the Oskaloosa, Iowa, brush dump, he found something horrible: a plastic tote box, taped shut with StegoTape on all sides with a couple of small holes poked in it. Inside the tote was a sweet, terrified girl, who the Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter named Cecilia, sitting in about a half inch of her own urine and feces.

StegoTape, a pressure-sensitive tape, is used in construction to seal gaps and prevent water penetration. The shelter is hoping it will lead them to the horrible human that did this.

“While this clue doesn’t do much to help us figure out who did this on it’s own, it does narrow down the suspect pool a little bit and we are hoping that someone out there might have some additional pieces to the puzzle to help bring this cruel individual to justice,” the shelter said in a Facebook post, featuring a photo of the tabby cat all cleaned up. “If you think you have information that might help us please let us know!”

While Cecilia seems to be recovering well, the shelter and hundreds more who shared her story on Facebook, are fuming over the cruel way she was abandoned.

“It’s very clear that whoever dumped her intended for her to die in that tote,” the shelter wrote. “They didn’t even give her a chance. It’s very hard to come up with the right words to describe how saddened and angry we are that somebody here in our own community could be so blatantly cruel towards a living creature. Whoever did this should be ashamed of themselves. What this person did was a crime, and should be held accountable.”

People with information are encouraged to call the Oskaloosa Police Department 641-672-2557 or the Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter at 641-673-3991.

To contribute to a reward for information in this case, click here.


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