July 22, 2015 06:05 PM

Grumpy cat still isn’t impressed, but I am thrilled to announce the cats of the Internet will be leaving the screen to appear in a New York City museum.

According to Racked, N.Y.C.’s Museum of the Moving Image will debut its exhibit “How Cats Took Over the Internet” on Aug. 7.

The fur-packed, GIF-worthy, nose-boopable display promises to “take a critical look at the phenomenon of cats online and how they have transfixed a generation of Web users.”

To deliver on this claim, the museum is filling its halls with carefully curated videos that show felines’ biggest moments on the Web. The exhibit will also include a timeline of the kitty’s online rise, a world map of cat memes, and an opportunity to submit your own meower for inclusion in the exhibit. All of this in the name of examining the “aesthetics of cuteness.”

Sounds like the sweetest research ever – consider my calendar marked, er, scratched.

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