See what kitties are down for some Oktoberfest action

Peanut butter and jelly. Hall and Oates. Post-it notes and passive aggression. Cheese and just about anything.

Now, a new duo is about to joining the hallowed halls of Perfect Pairings: Beer and cats

Don’t fret, there are no substance-abusing animals here, just two of Internet’s favorite things hanging out.

Instagram’s Cats on Tap had the genius and simple idea of matching kitties with craft beers, and the results is a whole lot of likes. Each photo on the account, which is currently followed by over 5,500 cat-loving imbibers, features a feline getting cozy with a brew — cuddling up to a 12 pack or sniffing at a power mug of stout.

So get in the Oktoberfest spirit by joining these furry beer snobs for a drink.