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November 02, 2016 05:02 PM

Halloween has come and gone but we still have vampires on the brain.

That’s thanks in part to a 6-year-old cat named Monk from Long Island, New York, who is absolutely fang-tastic as you can tell from his Instagram page.

“The fangs came in some time around 1 year of age,” the cat’s owner, Nicole D. Rienzie, tells PEOPLE in an email. “The vet says he is healthy and ‘blessed’ haha but has no difficulty eating, drinking, bathing and being the most active cat I’ve ever had.”

Rienzie rescued the feline when he was approximately 5 to 6 weeks old, and the cat rescued her right back.

“I had worked in the field of non profit for many years, however, have recently taken some time to get my life back after a string of tragedies, traumas and a deep depression,” Rienzie says. “Monk and [my other cat] Bean have been very helpful in the healing process.”

She describes the cat as a “spunky, friendly, mischievous and a mamas boy,” who loves the attention his teeth bring but can be shy around new people (lest you worry he might suck your blood!).

“He is definitely a teeny tiny good luck vampire kitty,” Rienzie adds, “and I am blessed to be his cat mom.”

Follow Monk and Bean’s adventures on Instagram.

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