September 20, 2016 04:49 PM

Loki the Corgi and his family have dedicated most of their lives to bringing smile to others, but now they could use some love from us.

On Monday, the Canadian canine, who has over 688,000 followers on Instagram and 823,000 on Facebook, passed away due to complications from chronic kidney disease.

“Loki is in a better place now. Away from sickness and away from pain. We’ll miss him forever,” his owners wrote on the pup’s Instagram page.

The often-exuberant and smiling corgi was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease over a year ago, and his family has worked to control the illness ever since. Unfortunately, on Wednesday, Loki started acting lethargic and turned away his usual meals.

“He was brought to our family vet for a round of IV fluids the following day, and his blood work showed severely high levels of BUN and creatinine (the two main indicators of kidney disease),” reads a GoFundMe page started for Loki. “We were referred to the emergency hospital in Vancouver that night, where he received more IV fluids in attempt to treat his high levels.”

After the second round of fluids and medication, Loki still showed little change in his demeanor or blood levels, so his owners drove him from Vancouver to an emergency animal hospital that offers canine dialysis in the Seattle area. Sadly, the dialysis was not enough to save Loki from the sudden spike in his blood levels.

Throughout his entire struggle, the corgi’s thousands of fans sent the dog donations, emotional support and kind words, raising over $33,900 to help pay for Loki’s emergency treatment.

While Loki’s journey with us may have ended, he will be remembered by the countless people who loved him and liked his photos as a sweet, funny, costume-loving dog who adored making people happy.


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