Akasha the Sphynx cat has heterochromia, a condition which means her eyes are two different colors.

By Kelli Bender
April 08, 2020 03:17 PM
Alien Cat
Credit: Caters News

Akasha wants attention.

The Sphynx cat likes to chat, Akasha’s owner, Michelle Morris, told Caters News Agency.

“She makes lots of strange alien type noises,” Morris said, adding that her feline is “more verbal” than most meowers.

If her vocal pleas for attention don’t get you to notice Akasha, her looks will. Like most Sphynx cats, Akasha is hairless and pink. She also has heterochromia, a condition which means her eyes are two different colors. For this kitty, one eye is a bright, icy blue, while the other is more of a jade-like green.

These distinctive features have always got Akasha attention in the real world, and now she is getting noticed online thanks to her Instagram account (@akasha.sphynx). Some of the observations that commentators make aren’t always flattering, but Morris takes them in stride.

“I don’t get upset when people say she looks like an alien, chicken or turkey because I agree and many of my posts compare them to those things … lovingly,” she said.

“With her different-colored eyes and unusual skin, she is a bit alien-like!” Morris added.

Akasha is a very affectionate alien. Morris said the feline is the “sweetest” cat she has ever had, and that Akasha is accepting of everyone. She’s even best friends with Morris’ dogs and her bearded dragon.

“I think she would just play and be friends with anyone or anything but she does also have a tendency to jump on shoulders which can startle many,” the owner added.

Alien Cat
Credit: Caters News

Morris does want animal lovers to know that if they are thinking of adopting a Sphynx cat, the breed does require a little extra care.

Since Akasha doesn’t have fur to absorb the oils on her skin, she needs to be bathed regularly to prevent health and hygiene issues.

“These cats also need to be protected from the elements so the sun could burn them and they must be protected from cold,” Morris added about what sets Sphynxes apart. “They lose heat through their skin so they are quite warm to the touch – they also have a higher metabolism and eat more than the normal cat.”

Alien Cat
Credit: Caters News

Overall, Morris thinks Sphynxes are suited for pet parents that are willing to provide a little extra care for plenty of cuddles in return.

“She may be more maintenance than a regular cat but they are totally worth it,” the owner said, also advising future Sphynx owners that they should be prepared to take longer at the vet — but not because of health reasons.

“Most people love her — it always takes longer at the vet because everyone passes her around and any negativity we get is always very little — because I do accept — she does look like an alien!