According to his owner, Bodhi's style is "elevated classics mixed with vintage and some hype street items."

By Kelli Bender
May 18, 2018 05:17 PM
Courtesy Express

His more than 354,000 Instagram followers know him as Menswear Dog, but to his owner Yena Kim he is simply Bodhi.

On Wednesday, the pair stopped by Express’ first-to-retail work concept store in Manhattan, a store designed to provide shoppers with versatile work and after-work looks, to speak on a panel about building your own brand and what role clothes can play in that project.

Bodhi arrived dressed for the part, wearing the type of classic, yet fresh outfit that his fans have come to expect.

“Bodhi is wearing an Express shirt to showcase how versatile it can be. We are talking about career and style. I love Express because their items are very easy to style within your own wardrobe. So if you are someone that’s busy, you may not have two hours in a day to figure out your perfect outfit, but they make it so easy for you,” Kim said about how she and Bodhi make Express work for them.

Courtesy Express

It’s common for the Insta-famous pup to snag clothes from the men’s rack. Kim tells PEOPLE that she crafts many of the outfits that appear on Bodhi’s Instagram by restructuring men’s clothes to fit a dog or making custom looks herself.

“The good thing is he has a dedicated in-house tailor, which is me, so he can look amazing for any event ,” Kim says.

A former FIT student and Ralph Lauren employee, Kim has a fashion background that helped her naturally gravitate towards making clothes for Bodhi when he came into her life eight years ago.

Courtesy Express

Kim says that the Brooklyn-based canine “lit up” the first time she put clothes on him, and it’s been non-stop from there.

Shortly, after crafting her first outfits for Bodhi, Kim created an Instagram account for the pup, dubbing him Menswear Dog.

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During the years that Bodhi has been modeling, he and Kim have created a unique style for him, which she describes as “elevated classics mixed with vintage and some hype street items.”

If you are looking for some fashion cues from Bodhi, Kim says his favorite items are summer clothes and that you will never catch him wearing pants.

Though, that last one is probably a dog-only piece of advice.