It’s all look and no touch for these felines

By Kelli Bender
Updated March 10, 2016 08:36 PM

Instagram’s two favorite things, cats and food, have come together in one adorably delicious account.

Naomiuno is a conglomeration of culinary and cute, featuring kitties who adore food. Well, at least they love ogling food. This poor pussycats never get a chance to chow down on the elaborate meals their owners create — but they keep trying.

The Instagram account documents the twosome’s regular attempts to sneak some snacks off the table. We can’t fault their persistency, these meals look purrfect and are oftentimes just as adorable as the pets who covet them.

The felines’s owners decided to start an account for the cats, after they noticed the pair always jumping on their laps at mealtime to take in the spread on comment on the tasty fare with their eyes and an occasionally paw poke.

When these sweeties aren’t indulging their inner foodie, they can often be found cuddling and wearing costumes. With over 50,000 followers, it’s obvious they are on to something.