Great Dane Famous For His Furry Batman Look Has Over 32,000 Obsessed Instagram Followers

Enzo the Canadian Great Dane may look imposing, but really all he wants is a good cuddle

batman dog
Photo: Enzo.Great Dane/ Instagram

There are several special factors that can set you apart on Instagram, and looking like a celebrity is one of them.

It's working for Enzo, a Great Dane dog from Quebec City, Quebec. The Canadian canine has over 32,000 followers on his Instagram @Enzo.GreatDane, and many of his fans flocked to the account because the pooch bears an impressive resemblance to Batman.

According to The Dodo, the dog is about the size of Batman, weighing in at 150 pounds. And while Enzo's owner, Danny Lemay, says Great Danes can be easily frightened dogs, he finds that Enzo often takes on the protective nature of the Dark Knight,

"Enzo’s more brave and courageous. He likes to impose himself, bark very loudly and guard the house," Lemay told The Dodo, adding that it's the pooch's pointy ears that really give Enzo the Batman look.

Enzo's Instagram account is filled with scenic portraits of the pooch looking steely-eyed and serious, often standing at attention like he is ready to dash towards a person in need at a moment's notice.

But while Enzo may look, and occasionally act, like a combination superhero/bodyguard, the big dog has a soft side too. His dog dad says that Enzo loves to play with other pups and is a big-time cuddler.

Enzo is also a bit of a people person, which is good since his fast-growing Instagram account has garnered him a lot of attention online and around his hometown. Lemay says it's now normal for he and Enzo to get stopped for photos while on walks, especially if there are strolling through more touristy areas.

"People stop us every time we walk him to cuddle and look at him or take pictures," the pet parent added.

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