The dreamy dog has been compared to stars like Brian May and John Lennon

Looking for a new hairstyle? This dog might be your perfect inspiration.

Finley the three-year-old Springer Spaniel is taking social media by storm with his luscious locks — and yes, they’re all-natural.

Unlike most dogs, this pooch boasts an auburn-colored wavy bob atop his head and over 12,000 followers on his Instagram, where the pup is dubbed “Finn, creator of hair envy.”

“It all started when he was six months old with a mohawk, then as he grew — his hair did too,” owner Rebecca Munday told Metro of Finley.

Munday shared her dog is always getting stopped for his looks, with people telling Finley that “he looks like a rockstar.”

“He has been compared to Brian May from Queen and John Lennon,” she added.

“I absolutely love it and so do other people, we get stopped every time we are out in public,” she gushed.

Finley’s modelesque hairdo has also led him to a career as a pup-fluencer.

Munday revealed that Finley receives tons of free pet products including toys, collars, and beds, which he then promotes on his social media.

His owner donates all the extra items to the animal shelter where she works.

The secret to Finley’s salon-looking hair? Nothing out of the ordinary, Munday admitted.

Aside from getting his hair brushed daily, Finley only visits the groomer once every six months — just like other dogs.