Instagram Dog Dolly Pawton Probably Has a Better Sense of Style Than You

London-based dog Dolly Parton loves strutting the streets in her on-point fashion choices

Looking for the latest trends?

Stop by Dolly Pawton’s Instagram account, named after the music/style/hair icon Dolly Parton. This pooch has all the fashions you crave.

The U.K.-based dog has over 70,000 followers, who are fans of the canine’s trendy, boundary-pushing looks.

This may seem like an exaggeration, but Pawton is a pet willing to take fashion risks. From pearls to tutus, turtle necks to varsity jackets, there is no fad that this pint-sized pup with a huge amount of self confidence is afraid to try.

And when everything looks this good on you, why not wear it all?

Dolly Pawton’s sartorial passion isn’t reserved for the home. You can often spot this London dog strutting the streets in her on-point outfits while she is having brunch, stopping at Starbucks or just going for a walk.

In conclusion, Dolly does all the things that you do and looks better doing them, ‘9 to 5’ and beyond.

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