Instagram Cat Star 'Lil Bunny Sue Roux' Is Becoming an Equally Adorable Stuffed Animal

The famous cat hopes her plush inspires people to embrace their differences

Part cat, part bunny, part kangaroo, part T Rex and all cute, it makes cosmic sense that Lil Bunny Sue Roux is an Instagram sensation.

The New Orleans kitty was born without her front paws, but that hasn’t stopped her from hopping into hearts and popularizing her signature nub hugs. Roux, an inspiring advocate for special needs cats everywhere, is working towards spreading the love even further.

She has teamed up with Golden Bell Entertainment to create a stuff animal in her likeness, that is just the perfect size for squeezing. The plush pussycat has Roux’s little front paws and is standing on its hind legs, just like Roux.

By making this stuffed animal, Roux hopes to inspires kids and adults around the world to be true to themselves, no matter what their differences may be.

To support Roux’s endeavors to spread her message and to learn more about her journey, visit her Kickstarter page.

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