While Mr. Magoo's jaw gives him an interesting look, it doesn't prevent him from loving his life

Mr. Magoo isn’t trying to be rude, the little kitty’s face is just stuck going “pfffffttttt.”

The sweet black cat was born with a misaligned jaw that causes his tiny tongue to always be at full salute, reports Metro. Aside from looking goofy, Mr. Magoo’s facial quirk doesn’t cause the feline too much trouble. He has some difficulty opening his mouth, so he is kept on an easily slurpable soft food diet. The Canadian kitty’s lolling tongue has also led to a few perks, like an Instagram following that is over 27,800 strong.

His owners contemplated fixing the feline’s licker with surgery, but the operation was too risky for Mr. Magoo, and so his furry face is stuck this way. Mr. Magoo doesn’t seem to mind, his owners say he loves to sleep, cuddle, play, snack and cause trouble just like any other cat.

“His skull is slightly deformed as well which causes him to snore and snort, but other then that he is happy and healthy,” Mr. Magoo’s humans said.

Behold the pleasant and adorable life of one of Instagram’s derpiest stars!