"When I saw his photo I didn't believe he was real," Joseph's owner said of the unique-looking cat

By Benjamin VanHoose
May 20, 2020 01:43 PM

Look at those peepers!

Joseph, a white Scottish Fold cat from Saint Petersburg, Russia, couldn't be more endearing with his different-colored eyes — one yellow and one pale blue. Evgenii Petrov, 29, said it was love at first (multi-colored) sight when he decided to take in the pet.

"When I saw his photo I didn't believe he was real, and I also didn't believe he hadn't been sold for five months," Petrov told the Daily Mail. "I called, and I was happy when I heard that the photo was real, and a day later Joseph was at home."

The owner assures that Joseph's heterochromia — the rare occurrence of unmatched eye colors — doesn't inhibit the kitty. "The cat still has sharp sight though, he just looks different," he said.

On Instagram, Joseph is rounding up a fan base of followers who come for his alluring irises and stay for his silly clips and photos shot in his new forever home.

Whether he's lounging among fluffy pillows, posing amid a backdrop of houseplants, or smizing for a close-up, the cat is churning out Insta-worthy kitty content.

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Another cat with heterochromia caught the internet's attention last month. A Sphynx cat named Akasha is, according to her owner Michelle Morris, rather outspoken.

"She makes lots of strange alien type noises," Morris told Caters News Agency, adding that her feline is "more verbal" than most other meowers.

Like most Sphynx cats, Akasha is hairless and pink, but she is unique for her bright, icy blue eye which contrasts her other jade-green iris.

"I don’t get upset when people say she looks like an alien, chicken or turkey because I agree and many of my posts compare them to those things … lovingly," said Morris.