Inseparable Senior Shelter Dogs Get Married to Increase Their Chances of Being Adopted Together

The bonded pair was found roaming around a Maine cemetery together

Photo: Sabrina Beggs

This is a little ditty about Jack and Diane. No, not the famous emu and donkey friends adopted by Jeffery Dean Morgan.

This is the story of two inseparable senior dogs living at Kennebec Valley Humane Society in Augusta, Maine. According to Bangor Daily News, the dogs are so enamored with one another, the shelter’s staff used to joke that Jack and Diane were like an old, married couple. So, around Valentine’s Day, the shelter turned the pooch partners into an old, married couple.

Jack, 10, and Diane, 7, enjoyed a small wedding ceremony at the shelter that was attended by 12 people. A pizza party reception followed the nuptials.

The strong bond between Jack and Diane formed before the shelter. In August, the duo was found wandering around a cemetery together. The seniors were brought in to Kennebec Valley Humane Society.

Kennebec Valley Humane Society “married” Jack and Diane to attract potential adopters, reports ABC News. Since the dogs are a bonded pair, the shelter will only allow them to be adopted together.

The couple was adopted in October, according to Bangor Daily News, but the dogs were later returned to the shelter because they didn’t fit in well with their new family.

Jack and Diane are two relaxed pooches that are looking to be the only pets in their new home. If you think this pair is right for you, you can apply to adopt Jack and Diane at the shelter’s website.

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