Injured Turkey Is Taking His First Steps Thanks to Custom Wheelchair — the First of Its Kind!

In order to keep Bill the turkey active, his caretakers put together the first-ever turkey wheelchair, making some alterations to a wheelchair originally designed for a dog to use

Bill the turkey is on the road to recovery, thanks to his one-of-a-kind wheelchair!

After first making a trip to the vet for guidance on how to treat the 60 lb. turkey’s "bum foot," his caretakers at the Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge were told that in addition to caring for his injury, Bill needed to lose some weight.

Recognizing that they’d need to think outside of the box to figure out a way to keep Bill active while still protecting his injury, they decided to create the first-ever turkey wheelchair, which they converted from a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, originally designed for a dog,

In order to make the wheelchair usable, the farm added in a makeshift sling, which supports Bill from underneath, enabling him to get in all the exercise he needs without being weighed down.

wheelchair turkey
Bill the turkey. Odd Man Inn

Explaining exactly how this works on Instagram, the farm shared that they used "a maternity girdle" to make the sling.

"To make this work, I designed some signature man-turkey stretchy panties ... you read that correctly. I help Bill get his panties on, then secure his panties to the chair. They're like super Spanx" the caretakers added, noting that while they're in the process of making "him something more civilized," Bill hasn't seemed to mind.

wheelchair turkey
Bill the turkey. Odd Man Inn
wheelchair turkey
Bill in his wheelchair. Odd Man Inn

The wheelchair also solved another problem the farm had with flipping Bill over to change his bandages, a process which the turkey absolutely hated!

"He uses his wheelchair several times a day and his caregivers say he’s totally relaxed and building enough strength that he’s even able to get around on his own a bit," Walkin' Pets wrote on Instagram, as they introduced the world to the "first-ever turkey on wheels!"

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Documenting Bill’s recovery process earlier this week, the farm shared that while Bill is continuing to use the wheelchair for his daily therapy sessions, his strength is definitely returning.

"Three wheelchair assisted therapy sessions today and one on his own power," they wrote, alongside a video of Bill walking on the farm. "Bill is the perfect patient."

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