While playing the popular app, a Florida woman found Mewtwo meowing at the bottom of a tree with a broken pelvis

By Kelli Bender
Updated August 01, 2016 03:09 PM
Source: Carey Burns

The staggeringly popular app Pokémon Go lets players capture Meowths, Mews and, in some cases, real-life cats.

Carey Burns was recently hunting pocket monsters in her Orlando, Florida, neighborhood, when the game inadvertently led her to a stray kitten desperately in need of help.

“I had just downloaded Pokémon Go and was figuring out what it was all about,” Burns told The Huffington Post. “I heard this noise, it sounded almost like a bird. … I followed the noise and there was this little kitten sitting there on the ground, and her leg was out at a weird angle.”

The stray cat, who was suffering from a fractured pelvis and a dislocated hip, was meowing with all her might.

“I just scooped her right up,” Burns said. “She didn’t fight me or anything, she just seemed scared and hurt.”

Courtesy Candy’s Cats
Courtesy Candy's Cats

Unsure what to do next, Burns contacted Candy’s Cats, a feline rescue group in the area, for assistance. The group immediately offered to take in the kitten — who Burns named Mewtwo, after the powerful feline Pokemon — pay for her medical and expenses and find the stray a loving forever home.

Since Burns found Mewtwo under a tree, she thinks the kitten may have fallen from one of the branches, but no one is certain how the cat sustained her injuries.

But those boo-boos are about to become a thing of the past. Staff at Candy’s Cats are waiting for Mewtwo’s pelvis to heal, after that she will undergo hip surgery. Until then, she is wobbling around her foster home and making plenty of friends.

Courtesy Candy’s Cat
Courtesy Candy's Cats

Burns is unable to keep the cat herself, but is working with the rescue to make sure Mewtwo ends up somewhere welcoming and safe. While Mewtwo is expected to fully recover, she may need a little more attention than a normal cat.

If you are interested in adopting Mewtwo, visit Candy’s Cats, where you can also donate to her medical fund.