Injured Boxer Found Buried Alive in Quebec
May 24, 2017 03:43 PM

UPDATE: A Facebook post shared on the SPCA Montérégie page said that the dog, who they named Sugar Ray, had passed away on Wednesday afternoon “surrounded by love.”

What a difference a day makes — in the case of an injured dog in Quebec, it was a matter of life or death.

On Tuesday, a boxer pup could be heard whimpering by a man walking in Saint-Paul-d’Abbotsford, Canada, CBC News reports. When the man searched for the source of the whimper, he found a moving paw emerging from the ground.

The following day, this survivor is doing “better,” according to a Facebook post from the SPCA Montérégie, who is currently caring for the pup.

In a message translated on Facebook from French, it says the pooch was extremely dehydrated and couldn’t even lift his head after he was found, but following “excellent care” from a team of professionals, “this morning he raises his head,” is eating well and drinking without assistance.

“He can’t walk yet, but there’s feeling in his 4 legs,” the post continues, going on to say this is hopefully a sign that the boxer dog is not paralyzed.

Linda Robertson, director of the SPCA, told CBC News it is believed that the dog might have been strangled and hit with a blunt object before he was buried.

“We’re thinking they thought the dog was dead [when they buried it],” Robertson told CBC News, who reported that authorities helped dig out the pup and were currently investigating.

Anyone with information about the dog should call the Montérégie SPCA at 450-460-2779.

The Facebook post welcomed donations to fund the boxer’s care, to help, click here.


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