February 21, 2018 04:47 PM

IMAX and Warner Brother Studios heard you liked adorable baby pandas, so they made an entire movie about adorable baby pandas.

Called simply Pandas, the new IMAX original movie is hitting jumbo screens in April, but until then we have this trailer to coo over.

Like the movie, this trailer is narrated by Kristen Bell, who must have taken a break from freaking out over sloths to share her adoration with the pandas of the world.

Based on this sneak peek, you can expect Pandas to be packed with adorable black-and-white bundles climbing, drinking, falling, playing, squeaking and just generally being mind-meltingly adorable all while unknowingly helping to save their species.

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One panda in particular, Qian Qian, is the focus of the film. Qian Qian was born in captivity but, with help from experts from both China and America, she is learning how to live in the wild.

Can you handle the cute? If so, clear off all of April just to be safe.

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