Moose Falls Through Window Into Idaho Family's Basement

The female moose spent two hours in the home until she was safely removed by Fish and Game officers

Photo: Idaho Fish and Game Magic Valley

A Hailey, Idaho, moose found herself in quite a head-scratcher recently, when she fell into the basement of a local home.

According to, the female moose accidentally dropped into the home’s 3-foot deep window well leading into the basement, and, after a bit of a struggle, made her way inside the home.

“The window opened like a door and the latch was loose,” Lt. Steve England of the Hailey Police Department told “The moose pushed her way through and, amazingly enough, the window didn’t even break.”

The family who owns the basement was understandably shocked to wake up on Sunday and find they had acquired a new, very large, roommate. Not knowing what to do, the family called the Hailey Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, and Idaho Fish and Game for help.


Police arrived first on the scene. Unsure how to safely move the moose, they covered the walls and entrances to the room with furniture to keep the animal enclosed in the basement.

“Fortunately she wasn’t hurt and remained pretty calm,” England added.

Fish and Game officers arrived after the moose had been stuck in the basement for two hours. They carefully tranquilized the moose and carried her upstairs and through the front door. Once the moose awoke she ran off into the woods once more, unharmed from the incident, with an amazing story to tell her moose friends.

Additionally, no humans were hurt during the moose removal, and the home sustained only minimal damage.

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