Volunteers from the Friends Furever Animal Rescue climbed up the cliff near Bliss, Idaho on Oct. 13 to rescue Clifford

By Joelle Goldstein
October 25, 2019 11:21 PM
Dog being rescued from cliff
Friends Furever Animal Rescue

A dog in Idaho is lucky to be alive after he was recently rescued from a cliff that he had been stuck on for multiple days.

Volunteers from the Friends Furever Animal Rescue saved the great pyrenees dog, whom they fittingly named Clifford, on Sunday, Oct. 13 after discovering him halfway down a cliff in Snake River Canyon near Bliss, KMTV reports.

The canine was believed to have been there for at least five days and may have fallen from the top of the cliff, according to Friends Furever’s Facebook page.

The organization said they were first notified of the dog’s whereabouts after several locals spotted Clifford in the canyon and attempted to get him help. One neighbor even climbed up the cliff himself to give Clifford water while he waited to be rescued.

Several other animal rescue organizations who were contacted over the matter declined to help due to how difficult it would be to reach the dog, according to KMTV.

Friends Furever Animal Rescue

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However, the challenging task was no match for Friends Furever volunteer Richard Jensen and Dave Wright, who both had experience rock climbing and instantly knew they had to save Clifford’s life.

“When we saw where the dog was, it kinda changed the game a little bit,” Jensen told KMTV, adding that he used a drone to survey the area in which Clifford had been resting and strategically plan their route.

“Once we reached him, we sat up there with him for a little bit to get him used to us and help him feel more confident,” Wright added.

The men said they gave Clifford parts of an energy bar and water as they waited for the dog to get comfortable around them. Once they felt he trusted them, the trio made their way down the canyon’s debris and loose rock in footage captured by Friends Furever.

Because of the decaying pathways, Jensen and Wright told the outlet they had to frequently pass Clifford to each other in order to make it down safely.

Once all three had reached the bottom, the volunteers transported him to Windswept Kennels in Jerome, where he was treated for his “terrible fleas,” according to Friends Furever.

Clifford was later examined by a vet at Sawtooth Veterinary Services-Animal Hospital. Updating their followers on his progress on Oct. 14, Friends Furever wrote, “He is banged up a bit and has some older, slightly infected sores, that are healing up well.”

While he recovers from his injuries at his foster home, the animal rescue organization has been asking their followers for donations to treat Clifford and pay for his veterinary bills.

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They’ve also been searching for a forever home for the dog since his original owner has not yet come forward to claim him.

As of Oct. 17, Clifford seems to be doing well at his foster home but was not yet available for adoption. A series of photos posted by Friends Furever showed the dog enjoying his temporary backyard and sniffing some nearby trees.

Those interested in adopting Clifford or donating to Friends Furever can do so here.