The singer says the greyhound "runs really fast" but is "really mellow"

By Amy Jamieson
Updated February 03, 2015 03:20 PM
Credit: Courtesy Hunter Hayes/Instagram

Hunter Hayes has a fast new friend.

The country singer recently adopted a retired racing dog from Greyhound Pets of America. On Monday, he introduced the pup, named Cole, to his fans in an adorable YouTube video.

“He’s awesome, he runs really fast … reeeeally fast,” says Hayes, as he sits on the floor next to the caramel-colored pooch, who rests comfortably on a couch beside him.

“He’s got incredible sight, he’s incredibly patient and he’s really mellow,” he adds.

Cole, who is also seen running around at lightning speed in the video, will be joining Hayes and his band on the road – and the crooner used the video as a way give the band a heads up on that.

“He’s our new bus dog, I don’t know if the band knows that yet, but here’s our announcement, ” says the Grammy nominee.

Watch the adorable video below of Cole in action.

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