June 09, 2015 07:00 PM

A tractor-trailer carrying thousands of piglets tipped over on Monday evening in Xenia, Ohio, killing hundreds of pigs and releasing hundreds of others, reports the Cincinnati Enquirer.

In the hours after the crash, thousands of piglets roamed around Greene County as authorities tried to gather them. Hundreds were still loose on Tuesday and hundreds more died of their injuries, according to the Enquirer.

“Quite a few pigs didn’t make it,” one Greene County dispatcher said.

WLWT News reported that 300 to 500 piglets were killed in the crash and another 300 to 400 were loose from the crashed truck.

The surviving piglets – an estimated 1,500 of them – were taken to the Greene County Fairgrounds, WLWT News said.

The piglets were being taken from South Carolina to a farm in Indiana. The cause of the accident hasn’t yet been determined, and no human casualties were reported.

The ordeal has brought together several fire and police agencies from around the area, who are working to wrangle the pigs. Watch a video of their tireless work below.

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