February 20, 2017 03:52 PM

Not like you need an excuse to post another photo of your adorable pet, but we have one anyway.

Today is Love Your Pet Day! The perfect opportunity to lift your phone to the sky and snap a selfie with your pet to show just how much you two adore each other.

Of course, taking a perfectly posed selfie with an animal is easier said than done. To make sure your photo turns out … well, picture perfect, Pet Behavior Expert and Training Manager at Camp Bow Wow, Erin Askeland, CPDT-KA, has a few tips to take your pet selfie game to the next level.

Safety First: Always put your pet’s safety and comfort first. Never force them to do anything that could cause stress. Remember, this is about love.

Sweat than Snap: Unlike us, pets don’t know always know they are expected to sit still for a photo session. Try exercising with your furry friend before your photo so they are more relaxed when it is time to pose.

Props Matter: Try tools to make the selfie process easier, like a selfie stick, timer and camera stand or a squeaky toy attached to the phone/camera. Let your pet sniff these out before your selfie session so they aren’t unfamiliar or scary.

Plan Ahead: Determine what pose you’re going for in advance! There are several tricks that look great on camera with you such as playing dead, waving, sitting up, smiling, and more. Pick a pose you know your pet is comfortable with and won’t mind holding for a photo.

Play Dress Up: If your pet is willing, selfies are a great opportunity to showcase fun costumes and pet accessories. Never leave your pet alone with any clothing item or accessory and only keep them on for a short time frame.

Patience Is Key: It may take a few shots to get your pet settled and able to maintain focus to get your special shot. Take many shots at once so you can choose the best one!

Rewards Rule: Use treats or their favorite toy, your voice and praise to guide them into place and reward them for doing a great job.

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