Obsessed with the Shiba Inu puppy cam and want to set up your own? Here are some tips.

By People Staff
December 01, 2008 08:12 PM

The outrageously popular Shiba Inu puppy cam got a lot of pet parents thinking about their own cats and dogs’ potential for internet glory. We’re sure your little best friends are just as cute as those puppies.
Read on to see what you’ll need to turn your pet into an internet star.


1. High speed internet connection.
2. A web cam or, depending on the model, you may even be able to use your camcorder. Here’s a video from DIY site Instructables on how to do that.
Check the user ratings on CNet or Amazon or B&H Photo. The Shiba Inu family uses a Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000, selected because other owners thought it worked well.
3. Good light. Sunlight is ideal. The Shiba family just uses regular indoor light. You want to make the area brighter than it would normally be for daily use. But, you don’t want a spotlight.


The Shiba Inu’s human has a tip for you: be sure to keep the camera high up! “We had our camera mounted a little lower and one of the pups thought it was a chew toy,” the operator, who declined to be named, told PEOPLE Pets. Can your pet go out of the camera’s range? If they can, they undoubtably will do it, if just to defeat you. You may want to use either a tripod or one of those grippy tripods like this one from goby that will allow you to hang your video camera from all sorts of angles.


You can restrict access to your video on your private site, but if you’re hoping to make your pet a star, you’re better off getting on one of the popular sites like
Ustream.TV or Justin.TV or BlogTV. Ustream claims the largest audience, which is good if you want your video to go viral. They also allow you to record your video, too. That allows you to provide the kind of “best of” pre-recorded videos that the Shiba Inu’s have.


This blog discusses doing graphic layovers or using multiple cameras. And, the MeetRovio camera puts the camera on a roving device that you can steer online.
(–Carol Vinzant)